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>> another freezing night for protesters in ukraine. the angry crowd continued their fight to bring president yanukovych down. he is now in china for a planned three-day visit. unearthed in mali, the bodies of 21 soldiers found outside the capital just days after the arrest of the man who led a military coup last year. of france'snd one most popular soft drinks has died. he was the driving force behind angina. gina -- or
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ukraine president viktor yanukovych is in china today. the planned visit comes as protests aimed at bringing him down continues back home in kiev. opposition is standing firm despite the fact that president's government survived a no-confidence vote in parliament. our reporter has more from the protests in kiev. teaming withict is protesters. behind me, the street leading to the cabinet of ministers. those picketing were disappointed by the decision in parliament not to file a motion of note hundred and. but evidently not deterred. >> i am very disappointed because i hope the government would side with the people. toi am wearing a helmet avoid getting hurt if there are problems with those policeman sitting in that bus over there. countrything in the goes back to corruption. they don't care about the ukrainian people. as far as they're concerned, we
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are cattle. >> the president is in china but the cabinet is meeting. a scheduled meeting, but with security --ll of of it will have the atmosphere of a crisis meeting. >> and u.s. vice president joe biden is in china today. the top level visit is meant to build on cooperation between the two countries but instead it looks set to be dominated by china's controversial. air defense zone. over regional ireland at the heart of a dispute with japan, the last stop on biden's asia trip. let's bring in our asia correspondent who is covering his trip to china. i imagine it was a bit of a tensor welcome for joe biden today. >> a very tense welcome. making things worse, when he addressed a group of visa
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applicants at the u.s. embassy and encouraged them to question authority and spoke about academic and intellectual freedoms in the united states. between a tense meeting biden and chinese leaders. today, a state one chinese newspaper "the china daily" warned vice president biden from repeating -- against the repeating further remarks on the air defense issue. earlier this week china said its declaration of this zone was an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo and that it raised the risk for accidents and miscalculations in the region. >> what are the other issues on the table today, or will this error defensive zone block all the others out? the issues in the meetings with biden and the chinese leaders are of course, trade, u.s.-china trade, and the
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economy. the united states had hoped that those issues would really be the main issues at this meet -- these meetings. but as we now know, this declaration of the air defense zone will likely dominate the meetings and perhaps challenge -- or provide a challenge to any progress made on the issue. >> reporting there from beijing. to the streetned to thailand for the first time in days. protest on the hold out of respect for the king's birthday am a national holiday to be celebrated thursday. but the opposition said it's fight to bring down the government as far -- it's fight to bring down the government is far from over. in bangkok on wednesday, a vast cleanup operation was underway. a day earlier, the violence that began last weekend came to an king'shalt ahead of the birthday thursday.
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the thai prime minister called for a truce between police and protesters. but the first time in days, calm returned to the streets and prime minister yingluck shinawatra all for -- a lasting solution. like to invite academics, businessmen, and groups from all walks of life, including political protesters, to work together and hold a forum to express opinions and find an answer to reform the political situation into a democratic system with it came as a leader -- with the king as a leader. >> opposition groups insist they have not abandoned the struggle. governmentr -- activists will not let up until late you -- yingluck too i s out. >> after the king's birthday, we will start fighting again until we achieve our goal, which is victory of the people and ridding thailand of the thaksin
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regime. >> after camping out overnight, the yellow shirts plan a peaceful march on the police headquarters, then they will pause for the king's birthday before resuming their protest when celebrations are through. says one of its commanders has been assassinated outside of debris. the lebanese shiite militant group claims israel is to blame, something and official there was quick to deny. the hezbollah leader was reportedly gunned down just after midnight outside his home. he is a most senior hezbollah figure to be as fascinated in five years. at least 12 civilians have been killed in fighting in central african republic. children and a pregnant woman are reportedly among the ones who were slashed to death with machetes. and military source says they were killed close to the capital allegedly by a group of
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christian vigilantes. it comes as the un security council is set to vote thursday on a french draft resolution to send in a major peacekeeping force to the impoverished nation. been founde has outside the capital of mali. 21 bodies believed to be those of soldiers close to the ousted president were found overnight. that discovery comes a week after the arrest and detention of the man who led the coup in 2012. it eventually plunged mali in chaos. now. >> the pre--- chief prosecutor this morning would not actually confirmed the 21 bodies found are those of the soldiers missing which we had put at 23 in number. a, there has been discrepancy. but there have been, as you mentioned, rumors for a long time of this particular site
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which is five kilometers from what was his base at the time and there were witnesses who claimed a had seen bodies being buried there. malian in your average mind that these are the bodies of those disappeared. he is still quite popular -- how surprising is it that he was still a arrested and charged? to a lot ofo a shot people last week when he was arrested and charged. because he isular seen as the man who overthrew a president who had gone beyond the limits of what was acceptable in terms of corruption and bad government. for many malley -- malians, he is a political savior. the new civilian elected
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president -- to actually hold hands with the judiciary in this way and take on the military. so, for people who are supporters of human rights and democracy, this is a huge stop -- step forward for mali but for s, ifmalley ands -- malian this is a change in mali, what is he doing behind bars? obama. president barack now is fighting back on health care. he is trying to rally support for his signature health care law after the messy launch of his website. his approval ratings have plummeted since the botched rollout of the affordable care act. the legislation, also known as obamacare, is trying to provide health care for the 15% of the americans without health insurance. claim they have already benefited from obamacare. plaguedwebsite launch
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by technical problems, on tuesday the american president was at pains to give his affordable care act a clean bill of health. >> noun the website -- now the website is working for the vast majority. we want to ensure folks folks -- folks focus on what is at stake here, which is the capacity for you or your family's to be able to have the security of decent health insurance at a reasonable cost. >> launched on october 1, was designed to allow people to shop for insurance policies to provide medical coverage for millions of uninsured. problems host of emerge. insurers said many application forms were strewn with evers and others simply disappeared. website users complained of frequent outages. theck obama says most of bugs have been resolved, but yet the glitches has given fresh ammunition to the republican party as they take aim good >> it is not just a broken website. this bill is fundamentally flawed.
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causing people to lose the doctor of their choice. all sing them to lose their health plans. and if that is not enough, they are having to pay much higher prices. >> nina while, the white house is planning for the white house is planning further even to rally support. obama's democrats believe the affordable care act successes crucial ahead of midterm elections. >> also in the u.s., space x just put its first commercial satellite in orbit. the unmanned rocket developed by space exploration technologies could be a game changer in a global industry worth close to $200 million a year. our washington correspondent report. --3, 2, 1 >> a successful launch after two previous attempts. the falcon nine rocket by space x. a new player enters the big- money commercial satellite market. if space x keeps up its game,
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the current front runners will have to watch their backs. to be as the potential major competitor. the large number of launches, up to 12 per year, and much lower rices could capture a lot of business that would go to other launch companies. >> the industry's leading companies know this could be a game changer. new head of -- >> i think everyone knows space x has a big contract with an asset. that is what allows them to offer a cheap price. the strategy of entering the market. we will face space x as we have other competitors. we have an enormous advantage in the eyes of our clients. it is the trustworthiness and availability. grasshopper, a rocket space x uses to find in technology. -- this is grasshopper. the mind behind paypal and tesla, elon musk.
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>> elon musk is remarkably arithmetic and very much -- charismatic and very much in visionary. he talks about what he sees for the future of space at. from day one he has talked about the long-term vision for his company. >> he brings a lite different mindset to the industry. >> for elon musk him of this is just the beginning. his goal is cheap human spaceflight. why not? humans on planet mars. >> here in france, the president francois hollande has just revealed he had prostate surgery two years ago. he says he was hospitalized in 2011, just a few weeks before the socialist primary. speaking earlier today, the prime minister confirm that the president is now in excellent health. behind one of man france's most popular soft drinks has died. the driving force behind
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orangina. i look back at the algerian born entrepreneur who made the fizzy orange drink in the curvy bottle a legend. was born in algeria in 1936 and has since been sold around the world. the man to thank forward, john died monday at the age of 80. he used his skills and marketing to make the citrus soda created by his father a household item. but it was not until 1951 that , unusualnesorangina flavor and pulp. an ad campaign in raising corking the split in 1984, an artist directed an ad that became a moderately popular. headquarters in marseille help it spread internationally. we have the foresight to
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showcase ourselves in france. and this let us develop globally. >> over the years, orangina became known for creative advertising. orangina, with real orange pieces. >> although the original drink is still produced in algeria as a local brand, since 2009, the international company has been owned by a japanese group. hello, and thanks for joining us for the week in the middle east. here is what we have lined up for you. retracted egyptian constitution is ready to go to referendum. ousted mohamedof morsi continues to protest, highlighting deep divisions. childrent of syrian must be tackled, says the u.n.. its refugee agency details 1.1 million youngsters from syria
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living as refugees. resistance is growing in israel as the government plans to eject 40,000 bedouin arabs from their homes in the desert. we begin in egypt, where the country's interim president has received a final text of an amended constitution. every drafting of the 2012 document began after the overthrow of mohamed morsi, to read it of the islamist influence of the muslim brotherhood. but the text is controversial because it consolidates wide ranging hour for the military. a referendum must now be held. at a time pro-morsi protesters have returned to tire rear square in significant numbers -- have returned to tahrir where. >> teargas & rent returned to the street in cairo as police pull out all the stops to clear square protest. first time supporters of president mohammed morsi gathered in large numbers for over a year.
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protest -- toe to continue to denounce what they call military role. justice fornding the martyrs of january 25. all of the martyrs who have fallen under military rule. god willing we will not leave here until military rule was brought down. reins army has held the of power since morsi was ousted in july. they have consolidated their strength thanks to the new draft constitution. states military courts can try civilians who have attacked soldiers or damaged army property. the army can also approve appointments of the minister of defense and neither the parliament nor the government will have control over the military budget. the new document, which appears largely favorable to the military, by 50 individuals, all appointed by the government and even led by the army.
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>> this constitution is beneficial for the people because it clearly establishes obligations of the government to allow the rebirth of people and restore all of their rights, freedoms, and respect. but the people must also work and cooperate with the government to build the country. will go tol text referendum and will be voted on in the coming few weeks. children isf syrian once again being highlighted by the un's refugee agency. newbody has released a report highlighting the crisis of 1.1 million youngsters from syria living life as refugees. in countries like lebanon and jordan, most are not being educated. instead, they are being put to work. this report with images supplied by the u.n. hcr. back home, raging these syrian children have fled to jordan. as the sun goes down at this camp, a game of football.
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boysy basic playground for and girls who try to earn a living the rest of the time. >> dry bread, can you give me dry bread? >> most shops and small businesses in the area employ children. with their meager salaries they are able to help their families to survive in these difficult times. he is 16. while his parents are in german he fled to lebanon's capital beirut where he works as a mechanic -- while his parents are in jordan. he no longer attends school and will probably not go back. war gave them no choice. >> we were outside the house when the missile hit. my dad was injured. his leg was cut off. our house was destroyed. my father went to jordan to get treated and i came here to lebanon alone. they told us my father's treatment will take a while so i brought my sisters here. i look after them. inmother is with my father jordan. i hope we can all join them
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there. than 2.2ther, more million refugees, half of which are children, have been forced to leave their homes in syria. refugeeed nations agency has been monitoring this mass exodus. seeking to bring relief to the displaced, with a strong emphasis on schooling. >> our main objective is to make sure that this is not a lost generation. and for that, we need to bring them to school. now having the opportunity to go to school. they need cycle-social support. we are not able to provide it to the level required. >> a recent survey from unhcr refugees in lebanon have no birth certificates, meaning they run the risk of being stateless. due to the ongoing violence in syria, none of these families know when they are going to be able to return. their parents with their
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children could soon go back to grow up in the place they once called home. syria, u.n.ith investigators probing the conflict's war crimes say they have evidence that implicates resident asher al-assad. human rights chief navi pillay revealed she was in possession of a list of suspects who one day may face chirac -- trial for violations including torture and mass killings. she said the evidence indicates responsibility at the highest level of government, including head of state. --they are a desert dwelling ethnic group and now bedouin arabs are going head-to- head with israeli police. they are fighting plans to force 40,000 of them from their homes in the desert. many other young arabs have now been drawn to the cause, leading to angry scuffles. heart of the desert in the south of israel, in the distance stand new housing schemes built by the government
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-- and better was refusing to leave their land. about 90,000 of these traditionally nomadic people continue to live raising camels and sheep. israel considers these villages to be illegal. no public services, no roads, no running water, no electricity or skills third despite the living conditions, these families continues to oppose a plan to forcibly remove them. >> we are not leaving here. this is our home. it belongs to us. we are not leaving. even if we have to die. i have 10 children. where would we go? there is not uniform over there for us all. we will never have as much space as we do here. intends to displace 40,000 bedouins and dismantle the current homes. once the law is passed, the family would have one year to
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accept the conditions and if they don't they will lose their right to indemnity and the land will be competence -- confiscated from the state. the plan's opponent says in -- says it is a land grab and others say it is meant to lift the bedouins out of misery. >> the current level within the bedouin community is simply unacceptable. talking about over a five-year period him a massive investment into the bedouin community. infrastructure, health care, education. and in parallel, to empower the bedouins themselves. >> the better ones were forced into settlements in a restricted zone in the desert after the state of israel was created in 1940 eight. in the 1970s, the government began rehousing them in a commuter towns like these, of which there are seven. only half the bedouin population has so far agreed to be moved. khalil's parents moved into this housing scheme in 1978. he now lives in an apartment with his two wives and six children.
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i really feel like i have betrayed the traditional way of life. littleuins are starting by little to abandon our heritage and adopt a modern way of life. it is making us forget important values of our culture. the bedouins regularly protest against these displacements and force by the government. the u.n. european parliament last you asked israel to shelve the plan and to safeguard the bedouin community. >> it is one of the greatest surviving examples of this in time architecture and perched on istanbul's the store -- an important landmark for millions of taurus to the city. built as a greek orthodox cathedral, it was later used as a mosque and is now a museum. but the turkish government wants it to be converted back into a mosque. here's more. >> built in the sixth century,
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one of istanbul's most popular forest attraction has been through several incarnations over the years. first a church for centuries, it was converted into a mosque by the ottomans in the 15th century. and then again into a museum in 1923 him after the founding of modern turkey. recently, the country's deputy prime minister voiced hope that the stunning design time -- byzantine monument would be converted to a muslim place of worship, prompting concern over the fleet of the ancient complex. mosque of the sacred book that houses grades, public spaces and a place of prayer and meditation and a theological school. if we referring to the land register, it is a mosque. and orthodox christian believes the solution is to maintain the status quo. the benefit of
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maintaining good relations between the two communities, it would be better if the building remains a symbol of the cohabitation. with over 3000 mosques, there is no shortage of muslim places of work should -- worship in the turkish capital. it does get converted into a mosque, entry would be free. but this is not enough to convince everyone. >> we already have the mosque -- actually i am also a muslim. it as abetter we keep museum. >> it was built nearly 1000 years ago and it was a church. i would prefer it to stay as a museum. and that is better. >> debate about the role of religion in a run-up of a test to a highly charged election. kicking off next march with local polls. the controversial plans to be a way for the turkish government to gain more support from ultraconservative muslim voters. >> one of the reasons why they
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want the sofia to become a mosque is it would be another blow to turkish secularism. two churches and other parts of turke
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